Green Viridian Vallis

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Viridian Vallis – a Residential cum Commercial project spread over 100 acres of most prime and
pristine land within Nashik Corporation limits! Nestled between more than 150 acres of Forest
land on one side and the Holy river Godavari on the other, the project boasts of a Green Cover
of 60%.

Viridian Vallis has many features that contribute effectively to the development of ‘Green
Nashik’. The planning of the project has been done in such a way that it will ensure all
infrastructural development contributes towards conservation of Ecology. The project has a lot
of Water Bodies which will help maintain not only the Green Cover of the place but also in
maintaining the temperature around. These water bodies and green cover will surely attract
birds of rare species. We already have on our property substantial species of birds which are
not commonly found in Nashik.

Viridian Vallis is committed to harness alternative sources of energy. Rain Water Harvesting and
use of Eco friendly building materials are some of the salient features of our project. STP plant
on the project will help conserve and recycle waste water. The entire project has been planned
in such a way that each flat has abundant natural light and breeze, thus help reduce
dependence on electricity.
With all these Green Initiative, Viridian Vallis will be great place to stay when completed.

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