CSR Initiatives

Taking initiatives, making a difference

Suyojit Group has played an iconic role in the growth and development of Nashik. Apart from brightening career prospect of more than 200 employees, we have created lots of employment opportunities in the city.

Understanding the obligation of an organization towards societal development, Suyojit Group has taken many noble initiatives and implemented various programs.

Eye Camp:

Ophthalmologic health is severely ignored in society. To create awareness about ophthalmologic health issues, the Honorable Director Mr. Anant Rajegaonkar had taken lead as Suyojit Group organized a one day Eye Check Up Camp in association with Wasan Eye Care Hospital at Suyojit Lawns. The camp was organized on 10 Feb 2014 for entire day where complete solution related to various eye health issues was provided with emphasis given on Eye Check Up and care to be taken to restore eye health.

Total 160 People visited the camp and benefitted by eye check up facility. Also, further consultation was given according to requirement of the patient. All in all, it was a successful camp and everyone appreciated efforts of Suyojit Group.

Cancer Detection Camp

Cancer is like a slow poisonous hazard which is spreading like a virus in the society. Especially its more dangerous because mostly it is detected in the last stages, when it is very difficult to save the patient. So to create awareness among people against the rising threat of cancer in society, the Honorable Director Mr. Anant Rajegaonkar organized a Cancer Detection Camp in association with Dr. Keshavrao Rajegaonkar Charitable trust in 2014. Around 200 people visited the camp where Pap smear & Mammography along with general body check-up was done by experts. Experts also made people aware about various dangers associated with cancer and remedies to prevent them. A deep consultation was also given by renowned doctors of Tata Society.

Given the response by people, and understanding the need for more such initiatives, the Cancer Detection Camp was organized again in 2014 at Suyojit Garden. Almost 600 people participated in this camp and took benefit of the test. Considering that awareness is the key to fight such diseases, Suyojit Group is determined to organize Cancer Detection Camp every year for the benefit of society.

Women’s Car Rally:

In the 21st century women have become more dynamic and independent. Efficiently juggling between responsibilities at home and work front, today’s women are nothing less than superwomen. There is no sphere of work where women haven’t proved their mettle. Yet their infinite abilities and potential are often underestimated in the society. Take for instance driving. There is a widespread myth prevailing in the society that women are not efficient drivers. To bust this myth, Suyojit Group partnered with Radio Mirchi and organized a car rally to cherish women’s driving in 2014.

The rally starting from Nashik, drove up to Kasara and then returned back to Nashik covering 140 km distance in a ride full of fun. Almost 300 women took part in the rally that became a testimony to the fact that women stand equal to men, be it driving or any other challenge. Winners did not only win prizes, but they won respect and pride for every woman. They requested other women to step out and challenge the stereotypes belittling their skills and strength. Thus the rally, going beyond the scope of establishing women’s potency as drivers, proved to be a ride of pride for womanhood.

Considering the response and success of the rally, we are determined to celebrate the power of women every year.s